APRIL 2020


Calling Sky

by Kim Whysall-Hammond

The unspeakable vastness

of the unconquerable dark

speaks to our hearts

where no harbour beckons

no port waits



A calling sky lids our lives

it shields, shelters

imprisons us

gravity the jailer to be overthrown

the well to climb out of

hand over hand



Climbing to where the only sounds are

a popping of particles

into matter phase



We will not see stars with our own eyes

nor hear the sounds of space

our travelling world

built of systems noise

ventilation hiss and engine thrum

will seep through our lives

even outside

suit noise and visors will hide

the photons trip



Yet unspeakable vastness

and unconquerable dark

will sink deep into our subconscious

refashioning our very selves

varying what is human



Will we wish to sink once more

into the trap of gravity

or shall we run with the particle streams

out into the dark?


Kim Whysall-Hammond is an astronomer and project manager, an expert in obsolete telecommunications arcana and an exiled Londoner who fondly believes that she’s a good dancer. Her Grandfather told her bedtime stories about Morlock’s when she was seven and this may have had an effect.

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