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Contributing Authors

Authors whom appear in our February 2020 issue

David Barber - Author of What the Good Must Remember

David Barber lives in the UK. His work has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, New Myths and Asimov’s. (He framed the cheque) His ambition is to write.


Holly Schofield - Author of Wicked Problems

Holly Schofield travels through time at the rate of one second per second, oscillating between the alternate realities of city and country life. Her stories have appeared in such publications as Analog, Lightspeed, and Tesseracts, are used in university curricula, and have been translated into several languages. She hopes to save the world through science fiction and homegrown heritage tomatoes. Find her at hollyschofield.wordpress.com.



Margaret Kamazin - Author of My Familiar

Margaret Karmazin’s credits include stories published in literary and sci-fi magazines, including Rosebud, Chrysalis Reader, North Atlantic Review, Mobius, Confrontation, Pennsylvania Review, The Speculative Edge and Another Realm. Her stories in The MacGuffin, Eureka Literary Magazine, Licking River Review and Mobius were nominated for Pushcart awards. She has published a YA novel, REPLACING FIONA, a children’s book, FLICK-FLICK & DREAMER and a collection of short stories, RISK


Gustavo Bondoni - Author of One Man's Trash

Gustavo Bondoni is an Argentine writer with over two hundred stories published in fourteen countries, in seven languages. His latest books are Ice Station: Death (2019) and The Malakiad (2018). He has also published three science fiction novels: Incursion (2017), Outside (2017) and Siege (2016) and an ebook novella entitled Branch. His short fiction is collected in Tenth Orbit and Other Faraway Places (2010) and Virtuoso and Other Stories (2011). His website is at www.gustavobondoni.com

Donald Nurom - Author of The Numerous Enumerations of Nurah

Don Norum writes things; sometimes they are published. If it would help you survive a zombie apocalypse, it's probably one of his hobbies


Steve Ullom- Author of Awakening

Steve Ullom watches life and writes from the middle of a continent with his wife and two dogs. His writing can be found at or is upcoming in Quail Bell Magazine, Allegro Poetry Magazine, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, The Ravens Perch, Light – a Journal of Photography & Poetry, Walloon Writer’s Review, Ascent, and Utopia, as well as in the anthologies The Colours of Refuge and Mytho.


Ahmed Kahn - Author of The Goodness Bug

Ahmed A. Khan is a Canadian writer, originally from India. His works have appeared in various venues like Boston Review, Murderous Intent, Plan-B, Strange Horizons, Interzone, Anotherealm and Riddled With Arrows. His stories have been translated into German, Finnish, Greek, Croatian, Polish and Urdu. Links to some of his published works can be found at  ahmedakhan.blogspot.ca. He has social media presence at twitter (twitter.com/ahmedakhan) and facebook (www.facebook.com/ahmed.a.khan.140).

Sukarma Rani Thareja - Author of Golden Ratio Environment and more!

Dr Sukarma Rani Thareja is an Associate Professor(Retired) of chemistry from Christ Church College, CSJM Kanpur university, Kanpur, UP, India. She did PhD Chemistry from IIT-K , India. She is passionate about poetry, art, science. Her works have been published in National/International conferences/Journals...


C.J. Carter-Stephenson - Author of Jungle Secrets

C.J. Carter-Stephenson was born in the county of Essex in the United Kingdom. He has recently completed an MA course in Creative Writing at the University of Southampton, has been a Writers of the Future finalist, and has had three books published. Other publication credits include stories and/or poems in AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review, Aesthetica, Möbius, Dark Horizons (the former journal of the British Fantasy Society), Murky Depths, Illumen, Youth Imagination, The New Accelerator and The Fifth Di…. He is also the narrator of Back of the Bookshelf, a monthly podcast of classic genre fiction. Find out more at www.carter-stephenson.co.uk/ 

Ken Poyer - Author of Home Rule, Loving the Robot, and Unappreciated Journey

After years of impersonating a Systems Engineer, Ken has retired to watch his wife continue to break national and world raw powerlifting records.  Ken’s two current poetry (“The Book of Robot”, “Victims of a Failed Civics”) and four short fiction collections (“Constant Animals”, “Avenging Cartography”, “The Revenge of the House Hurlers”, “Engaging Cattle”) are available from Amazon and elsewhere.   www.kpoyner.com


Carmen Lucia Alvarado - Author of The Void Blends in Your Hands

Carmen Lucía Alvarado is a poet and editor based in Guatemala City. She is the author of the poetry collections Imagen y semejanza (2010), Poetas astronautas (2012), and Edad geológica del miedo (2018). She is currently working on her fourth poetry collection Pangea Muerte. English translations of her poems have appeared in magazines such as Abyss & Apex,
BFS Horizons, Samovar, Star*Line, and Third Coast.

Returning Authors

Any Author who has appeared in more than one issue of Utopia Science Fiction, they may not necessarily be featured in the current issue


John Grey - Author of Dear Interplanetary Society and Expedition Beyond the Solar System and An Altair Night

John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. Recently published in That, Dunes Review, Poetry East and North Dakota Quarterly with work upcoming in Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal, Thin Air, Dalhousie Review and failbetter.


Sukarma Rani Thareja - Author of Chemist Long Walk and Time-Science-Happiness

Dr Sukarma Rani Thareja is an Associate Professor(Retired) of chemistry from Christ Church College, CSJM Kanpur university, Kanpur, UP, India. She did PhD Chemistry from IIT-K , India. She is passionate about poetry, art, science. Her works have been published in National/International conferences/Journals...


Louis Gallo - Author of Brain Cells, Schrodinger, Zeno's Arrow, and more!

Two volumes of Louis Gallo’s poetry, Crash and Clearing the Attic, will be published by Adelaide in the near future. A third, Archaeology, will be published by Kelsay Books. His work has appeared or will shortly appear in Wide Awake in the Pelican State (LSU anthology), Southern Literary Review, Fiction Fix, Glimmer Train, Hollins Critic, Rattle, Southern Quarterly, Litro, New Orleans Review, Xavier Review, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Missouri Review, Mississippi Review, Texas Review, Baltimore Review, Pennsylvania Literary Journal, The Ledge, storySouth, Houston Literary Review, Tampa Review, Raving Dove, The Journal (Ohio), Greensboro Review,and many others. Chapbooks include The Truth Change, The Abomination of Fascination, Status Updates and The Ten Most Important Questions. He is the founding editor of the now defunct journals, The Barataria Review and Books: A New Orleans Review. His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize several times. He is the recipient of an NEA grant for fiction. He teaches at Radford University in Radford, Virginia.

Denny E. Marshall - Author of Barnacles, Launch (Sneeze), Departure Unlisted, Chameleons and More!

Denny E. Marshall had had art, poetry, and fiction published. Some recent credits include interior art in Midnight Echo #14 and poetry in Space & Time Magazine #134 Fall 2019. See more at www.dennymarshall.com.