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Two volumes of Louis Gallo’s poetry, Crash and Clearing the Attic, will be published by
Adelaide in the near future. A third, Archaeology, will be published by Kelsay Books. His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize several times. He is the recipient of an NEA grant for fiction. He teaches at Radford University in Radford, Virginia.

Author of Brain Cells, Schrodinger

Louis Gallo

Kim Whysall-Hammond is  an astronomer and project manager, an expert in obsolete telecommunications arcana and an exiled Londoner who fondly believes that she’s a good dancer.  Her Grandfather told her  bedtime stories about  Morlock’s when she was seven and this may have had an effect.

Author of Gift

Kim Whysall-Hammond

Christy Chajon has led an eclectic life full of ups and downs. Her hobbies include supportive swearing and taking selfies with inanimate objects. Her writing can be found in 'Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine,' 'LunaLuna,' and 'Horse & Academy' magazine.

Author of The Northernmost Side

Christy Chajon

Garrett Rowlan is a retired LA teacher with two published novels to his credit. His website is garrettrowlan.com

Author of Mephisto

Garrett Rowlan

James Machell is a science fiction and fantasy writer based in Seoul, South Korea, with an MSc in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh. He co-edited and contributed to the second edition of From Arthur's Seat, while his most recent stories have been published by Nanoism and Every Day Fiction. He considers Mervyn Peake, Michael Moorcock, and William Gibson to be major influences. Find him on Twitter @JamesRJMachell.

Author of Sunflowers

James Machell

Preston A. Laris was born in Brooklyn in 1953. An avid read since childhood, Preston had a great
fascination for Edgar Allan Poe, and science fiction in all media. He worked on “The Soul World”
for several years before his untimely passing in 2017. Preston was also an accomplished rock

Author of The Soul World

Preston A. Laris

John Saul made the contribution from England to Dalkey Archive’s Best European Fiction 2018 and had work in Best British Short Stories 2016. He lives in London and is a member of the European Literature Network. He has a website at www.johnsaul.co.uk

Author of Tremendous

John Saul

Science Museum Space Exploration

Ivanka Fear is a retired teacher and writer from Ontario, Canada. She holds a B.A. and B.Ed. in English and French. Her poems and short stories appear or are forthcoming in Spadina Literary Review, Montreal Writes, Adelaide Literary, October Hill, Scarlet Leaf Review, Polar Borealis, Bewildering Stories, The Sirens Call, Utopia Science Fiction, and elsewhere.

Author of Metamorphosis

Ivanka Fear

Chad_Lutz Author Pic.jpg

Chad W. Lutz is a speedy human born in Akron, Ohio, in 1986, and raised in the neighboring suburb of Stow. Alumna of Kent State University’s English program, Chad earned an MFA in Creative Writing at Mills College and currently serves as an assistant editor for Pretty Owl Poetry. Their writing has been featured in KYSO Flash, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Gold Man Review, and Haunted Waters Press, was awarded the 2017 prize in literary fiction by Bacopa Review, and was a nominee for the 2017 Pushcart in poetry

Author of Game of War

Chad W. Lutz

Krysten Lipp Author Pic.jpg

Krysten Lipp was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She holds a bachelor degree in creative writing from a small university in Ohio. She enjoys reading, hiking, and of course, writing science fiction.

Author of iGirl Friday

Krysten Lipp

Science Museum Space Exploration

Born in Cleveland, Ohio. Ted Janson is a beginning writer who has a deep enthusiasm for cars and aero-planes and also history.

Science Corner Contributer

Ted Janson

Author-Picture - David Swy.jpg

DJ Swykert is a fiction writer and former 911 operator. His work has appeared in The Tampa Review, Detroit News, Monarch Review, Lunch Ticket, Gravel, Coe Review, Sand Canyon Review, Zodiac Review, The Newer York, Barbaric Yawp and Bull. His books include The Pool Boy’s Beatitude, Children of the Enemy, Alpha Wolves, Maggie Elizabeth Harrington and The Death of Anyone. You can find him at http://www.magicmasterminds.com/djswykert

Author of E=MCat2

David Swykert

Author Picture - Jessica Andrewartha.jpg

Jessica Andrewartha is an award winning playwright based out of Seattle. Her play Choices People Make won the Neukom Institute inaugural Literary Arts Award for Playwriting and Light Delay was produced in the UK in May 2019 after receiving workshops in Davis, California and Seattle. She has also had 13 short plays produced in 16 festivals in 6 U.S. states and two foreign countries.

Author of Time for Such a Word

Jessica Andrewartha

Author Picture - LindaAnn LoSchiavo.jpg

LindaAnn LoSchiavo's SFF writing has appeared in Altered Realities, Bewildering Stories, MetamorphoseLit, Priestess & Hierophant, Panoplyzine, Peacock Journal, Night Picnic Press (in English & in Russian), Underwood Press, and elsewhere.
      Her poetry chapbooks "Conflicted Excitement" [Red Wolf Editions, 2018] and "Concupiscent Consumption" [Red Ferret Press, 2020] along with her collaborative book on prejudice [Macmillan in the USA, Aracne Editions in Italy] are her latest titles.
              Twitter:  @Mae_Westside

Author of Rendezvous in Forest

LindaAnn LaSchiavo

Science Museum Space Exploration

J.E.A. Wallace has been a hotel night porter, an abattoir security guard, and a barman in The House of Lords. Born and raised in England, he now lives and writes in America. His debut full-length poetry collection “Are You Hurtling Towards God Knows What?” is available now from Unsolicited Press.

Author of Cleaning Log Sheet

J.E.A. Wallace

Author Picture - Sandra Hosking.jpg

Sandra Hosking is a professional writer based in Spokane, WA. Her work has appeared in Adelaide, South 85, Dovecote, Havik, the Wire's Dream, and others. She holds an MFA in creative writing from Eastern Washington University and an MFA in theatre/playwriting from the University of Idaho.

Author of Singularities, The Magnet, Now

Sandra Hosking

Sterling Warner Author Pic.jpg

A writer, poet, and educator, Sterling Warner’s poetry and fiction have appeared in dozens of international literary magazines, journals, and anthologies, including In the Grove, the Flatbush Review, American Mustard,Metamorphoses, and Utopian Science Fiction Magazine. Warner also has published four collections of poetry: Without Wheels, Shadowcat, Edges, and Rags and Feathers Warner currently lives and writes in Union, WA and is working on a collection of fiction.

Author of Nets, Cosmic Commands

Sterling Warner

Sukarma_Author Pic.JPG

Dr Sukarma Rani Thareja is an Associate Professor(Retired) of chemistry from Christ Church College, CSJM Kanpur university, Kanpur, UP, India. She did PhD Chemistry from IIT-K , India. She is passionate about poetry, art, science. Her works have been published in National/International conferences/Journals.

Author of Chemist Long Walk

Sukarma Rani Thareja

Science Museum Space Exploration

Denny E Marshall has had art, poetry and fiction published. Some recent credits include cover art for Bards And Sages Quarterly July 2019 & Scifaikuest May 2019. As well as poetry upcoming in Space & Time Magazine. Denny recently completed his first commissioned book cover. See more at www.dennymarshall.com.

Author of Barnacles, Launch (Sneeze), Departure Unlisted

Denny E. Marshall

Science Museum Space Exploration

John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. Recently published in That, Dunes Review, Poetry East and North Dakota Quarterly with work upcoming in Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal, Thin Air, Dalhousie Review and failbetter.

Author of Dear Interplanetary Society and Expedition Beyond the Solar System and An Altair Night

John Grey