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JUNE 2021


Cylindropuntia Spatium

by Marsheila Rockwell

All the void

            A star-filled desert

This sleek ship 

            Our silver wain


AI driver

            Lays a course

Shortcut? Short circuit?

            Asteroid field


We fly too near

            One pulls us in

A chunk breaks off

            Sprouts hungry spines


Hooked and hollow

They pierce the hull

Drain our power

And so we drift


Our once-sleek ship

            Vain pioneer

Now propagates

            Their stellar seed


Cylindropuntia Spatium

Space cholla



Marsheila Rockwell_edited.jpg

Marsheila (Marcy) Rockwell is a Rhysling Award-nominated poet and the author of multiple books, short stories, poems, and comics. A disabled pediatric cancer/mental health awareness advocate and reconnecting Chippewa/Métis, she lives in the desert with her family, buried under books. Follow her on Twitter: @MarcyRockwell.

Poetry by Marsheila Rockwell:

"Cylindropuntia Spatium" June 2021

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