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APRIL 2021


Five Haikus

by Greg Fewer

blue gas giant

navy storm cloud swirling
a probe imaging

light sunny breezes

etching lines in the red sand
dust devils on Mars

frost-rimed plain
the rover’s lens pans
red sand storming

robots seeking ore
plumb deep Martian shafts
find life instead

Martian dig
scientists trowel red sand
hominid bones found



A long-time fan of genre fiction, films and games, Greg Fewer writes predominantly flash fiction and poetry. His stories and poems have appeared in Cough Syrup, Lovecraftiana, Monsters: A Dark Drabbles Anthology, Page & Spine, Polar Borealis, Scifaikuest, Star*Line, and The Sirens Call, among others.

Poetry by Greg Fewer:

"Five Haikus" April 2021

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