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How the Big Bang Ended

by Colleen Anderson

It’s the end of the world as we know it 

please stay tuned for further development

life-sized super action Barbie

with thrusting power

makes whites whiter

economy sized 

super powered action figures

three days only sale

buy now and save 40%

terrorists neutralized

low interest rates 

bank rates soar today

unemployment is its highest in fifteen years at 11%

HIV is at epidemic proportions

still spreading fastest in teenage groups and women

all-natural ingredients

live girls

closeout sale:  everything must go

Pocahontas Barbie

meeting of the six nations

Acura Nissan Honda Ford GM Chrysler

employees at Canadian were asked to take a pay cut 

bigger and better

nationally bestselling author

New York Times best seller

amazing two for one offer

bonus pack

Mars Attacks

you and a guest have been invited to attend 

not quite planets and not quite stars

gift certificates available in any amount

the incredible hulk

action figure digest

preying upon their fallen brethren

put burning cigarettes on my flesh

cigarettes are addictive 

camel lights 20 filter cigarettes

toxic constituents

NDP not delivering on promises

carbon monoxide nicotine tar 

a mandate to track global health trends 

we are celebrating Good Friday

Lucky Charms

special double issue

the final frontier is cyberspace

gifts, posters, entry fee $5

Walt Disney adventures

Tasmanian devil jawbreaker

7 days to eat

exclusive Dark Horse comic book included

batteries not included

video board game

ads for kids

true life advertising helps children in poverty

North America’s songbird population are falling fast

20% off

fake news

fake fat

give the gift that will last forever

sign up for powerplay

extreme entertainment Inc

jumbo stickups free

they’re huge decorate your walls

when all else fails, lock up children

furniture locker

$2 postage and handling

Barbie talks

you can get your psychic

you could win first prize 

stay tuned for further action

extreme big sound



Colleen Anderson’s poems have been published in such venues as Mirror Dance, Polu Texni, The Future Fire and HWA Poetry Showcase, and she has performed her work before audiences in the US, UK and Canada. Her poetry collection, I Dreamed a World, is forthcoming from LVP Publications.

Poetry by Colleen Anderson:

"How the Big Bang Ended" August 2021

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