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Into the Sea

by Lisa Timpf

Some believe the orcas’ ancestors

were slender-legged land mammals
who dove into water when threatened

and one day a few of them decided,
hey, it’s not so bad down here,
there’s food and nobody’s

trying to eat us. Maybe it’s that easy,
to find a new home, a new way
of living. Maybe one day we

will find ourselves standing
with our toes in the sand
hard-packed by the tides,

while behind us, hungry waters
devour what we thought we knew,
sweeping away all the hard truths

we tried to deny. Maybe one day we
will find the courage to take the plunge,
follow the orcas into the sea.



Lisa Timpf resides in Simcoe, Ontario. Her speculative poetry has appeared in a number of venues, including New Myths, Star*Line, Apparition Lit, Liminality, and Polar Borealis. When not writing, Lisa enjoys bird-watching, organic gardening, and spending outdoor time with her border collie, Emma. You can find out more about Lisa’s writing projects at

Poetry by Lisa Timpf:

"Into the Sea" October 2020

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