A Year in Review

Updated: Aug 16

Happy Birthday Utopia Science Fiction Magazine.

Somehow, despite the odds of this incredible venture, we've survived our first year. We haven't just survived. We've prospered.

When I first started this magazine I thought we'd make a few issues before it became financially unfeasible. Then I would place it on indefinite hiatus and go away to Tahiti or some place of similar clime.

While it's true that we are always close to the brink of the red line, the support we've received from our readers has been incredible. Because of people like you, we are able to keep on keeping on. We're on track for a great year ahead. But that's another ramble for another day.

It's been such a learning experience the past 12 months. Figuring out how to get this to work, refining ideas and trying to make each issue better than the last. A huge shout out to Jonathan S. our design editor, who really makes this possible and takes a great load of stress off my own shoulders so I can focus on editing matters. Also a shoutout to Leon Perniciaro, who has been invaluable in helping me shift through the growing piles of fiction submissions.

In October we had our first loosely themed issue for fall and Halloween. A theme which we'll repeat this year. In December I learned that trying to sell a magazine after Christmas is a non-starter. We had the lowest number of sales that month, which is a shame because the stories were of a special calibre.

January brought something new - our first podcast, which was an adventure. It brought a new opportunity to hear as well as read the stories we publish, which I think is a real treat. We started our Patreon account and our Environmentally themed magazine in February. Which as someone pointed out, should probably have been saved for April and Earth Day.

April and February were our best months. About 40% of our yearly sales came from those two months. I also received a very special e-mail likening us to the great Galaxy magazine, which if nothing else, is deeply gratifying to hear. We've received a number of compliments on our artwork and magazine and also on our editing style and helpful feedback. I can't really express how heartwarming it is to receive feedback like this. It certainly makes our jobs here a bit brighter.

For the statistically driven, here's what 2019-2020 brought us.

Total magazine copies sold: 102

Total stories published: 36

Total poems published: 51

Nominations: 8

Total submissions received: 634

Visitor demographics: We've had 78,000 visitors this year from 42 different countries and six continents. The most frequent country visiting our site is India, followed by the US, Canada, and England.

I'm looking forward to the challenges and the opportunity of the coming year. We're hope you decide to join us on this incredible journey.

Onward, ever onward! Through the impossible!

Tristan Evarts

Editor-in-chief, Utopia Science Fiction

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