Amidst the Turmoil of the Storm

Updated: Jun 5

I'll start this off paraphrasing a message from one of my favorite bookstores, Armchair Books, in Edinburgh.

"Stories are forever, but if we take care of each other now this pandemic won't be. As purveyors of science fiction we invite you to imagine a story of the best possible world ahead. One in which we took the warnings seriously, tended to each other compassionately, and looked after our healthcare system. Except this isn't a fantasy universe, we are writing this story right now with every action we take. We are all wielding extraordinary power with our tiny movements."

We live in a time of uncertainty, where the temptation to allow ourselves to devolve into dystopia is great. Where the need to care of ourselves tugs at our need to show compassion to those around us. The temptation to horde food and supplies than to be moderate in our needs. We find ourselves afraid that economic instability will lead to some post-apocalyptic landscape where we need stockpiled guns to fend off our supplies, even though such beliefs are mostly hyperbole.

It's times like these where the call for hope is felt strongest and needed most. Utopia Science Fiction was founded with the idea of being the call to an optimistic future. One worth believing. One worth fighting for. The stories we publish capture that sense of optimism and hope without sacrificing adventure, exploration, compelling plots. We invite you to believe in a world where out of instability comes fellowship and solidarity, where we work together to fight the pandemic. By social distancing, by not hording supplies, by helping those in need as best each of us can. This is a world where, in what comes after, we work together to improve our situation and the situations of our fellow earthlings. We fix the problems made evident to us by this crisis and say never again. Never allow the flaws, human and system, which have allowed this virus to endanger so many, to happen again. Where we realize that if we do not take care of our environment our environment will take care of us (in an Al Capone sort of way).

There is no denying that some of will struggle. Utopia Science Fiction Magazine itself is in a bind. Our alternative source of funding, which provides a majority of the financial support necessary to produce our magazine and pay our authors is closed on account of concerns about Covid-19. In order to stay afloat during these times and to continue to our vision of a future filled with hope and wonder, we need your help. Subscriptions help magazines stay afloat. For as little as $1 a month you can make a difference and help us through these difficult times. $1 a month is enough to pay for a short poem every issue. Click and visit our Patreon to subscribe and join us as we march onward into the future.

Help us to continue our vision of the future as a place we long to live in. A place of wonder, hope, amazement. A place where we rise above our nature to create the best of all possible worlds. We can do it. We will, together.

In the meantime, if you find yourself anxious, worried, depressed. Please read through a free sample copy of our work in our Archives. Lose yourself, if only for a while, in the magnificent worlds of Kevin Stadt, or the astounding science fiction poems of John Grey. If you want more, visit the current issues tab of our site where you have access to every issue in our first volume. And please, consider supporting us by subscribing to our magazine via Patreon . We need your help and can not do it without you.

We will continue to publish great stories, science articles, and poems which share that positive view of our future. But without your support we may not be able to continue for many more issues. We will as always, do our best.

I'll leave you with our adopted refrain. Let us boldly go, ever onward, onward through the impossible!


Tristan Evarts

-Chief Editor.


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