Feature Author: Sukarma Rani Thereja

Occasionally we like to feature one of our authors. Sukarma Rani Thereja is the author of the poem Chemist-Long-Walk in our August Issue.

She is a former-professor from India who's written a lot of poems blending science education with the literary arts. Her hope is to educate and engage students in science through creative processes. Her latest project is a book or collection of her poems "Science of Life and Nature"(

As I've said before science is an important part of science fiction. The genre in addition to being entertaining and engaging can also be a tool of education which Sukarma Rani Thereja has realized.

For more on our authors check out our new Contributing Author Page on our website. Also note the addition of an advertisement section. We are now offering very limited space in our magazine for people to advertise their books, podcasts, magazines, scientific equipment and so on. We will forever be a magazine primarily of substance and stories. As such, have only a limited amount of space (two pages full) for advertising in each issue. We fulfill these requests on a first come first serve basis.

Stay tuned for more exciting times ahead. As always, thank you. You're wonderful people.

Kind Regards,

Tristan Evarts



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