Get Excited - Upcoming News!

The August Issue of Utopia Science Fiction is live! If you still have to buy a copy, do it now! You don't want to miss out on all the amazing talent and brilliant artwork!

We could all use a little optimism in our lives, a little hope. That's what Utopia Science Fiction Magazine offers, and we are so excited to tell you that our October Issue is almost ready. If you liked the August Issue you'll love October. It's improved greatly in quality and reach and we hope we'll continue to do so. Who after all, doesn't love a story intersecting with the lives of ants? Who can resist Einstein and cats? But that's all for a later day. For now, curb your appetite for more by reading our August issue.

Now - let me tell you a bit about some great new things coming to Utopia Science Fiction. We now have a contributing author tab under About on our home screen. Like reading a particular author and want to know more about them? Go ahead and visit, there's also links provided to their websites where the information was given to us.

We will be rolling out an Advertisement section. Written a new book? Have a CD or music album? Want to sell something scientific and fun? Take a look there when it rolls out. We are, of course, primarily a magazine for stories and so we won't have room for too may advertisements, but we'll work with you to make sure you get good coverage.

There's some talk about putting together a podcast to read a few of our stories and poems and discuss writing and publishing and other fun aspects of a literate life, but that's still in the pre-planning stages, just an idea, so we'll see where that leads.

There's a lot more exciting work planned, including our involving ourselves in the Pushcart Prize, but that's on the distant horizon. I'll keep you updated as life goes on. For now - pick up a copy and glance through our August Issue. Let us hear your feedback on anything and everything. Reading letters from our readers is one of my favorite things. Know a friend who's interested in Science Fiction? Part of a Science Fiction Fan Club? Let them know about Utopia Science Fiction and don't let them miss out!

I appreciate it. Everyone at Utopia Science Fiction does. Keep being awesome!


Tristan Evarts

-Editor in Chief-


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