Looking Ahead, Part 1

It's almost upon us! It's the end of our first volume and we're super happy to tell you all the new things we're going to be doing for upcoming Volume II.

1) More Artwork

Utopia Science Fiction is now accepting artwork submissions as well as our usual poetry, fiction, and non-fiction submissions. We'll pay competitive semi-professional rates for accepted pieces.

Taking it a step further, we've planned an issue in December dedicated to science-fiction artwork. An issue filled with beautiful illustrations and sample work from a number of different science-fiction artists will be released December 1st.

2) Expanding our Staff

We took on our first additional staff member in May to help sort through an uptick of submissions. Our hope is to take on at least two additional staff member volunteers over the course of the next six months.

If you're interested, find more information here. It's an amazing opportunity to be able to work at a magazine. It's excellent experience, especially if you're a writer or poet yourself, but for anyone interested and with small amount of time to commit, you can help transform our magazine into a real powerhouse. See the rewards of your efforts as they directly effect helping our magazine run and improve. Since we're an online magazine, all work is done remotely, so you can volunteer even if you live half-way across the globe.

3) Paying our Authors more.

This is the year, now that we've worked out most of the starting kinks, this is the year we're going to try to raise our pay rates to semi-professional levels. Phase One in our master plan to offer professional rates to our authors.

We can only do this of course, with everyone's support. We set a few goals connected to our Patreon.

  • At 100 patreon subscribers, we'll be able to raise our rates up to semi-pro (1.5c per word, minimum pay of $20)

  • At 150 Patreon subscribers we'll move into the paper and print world with a hard copy version of our magazine.

  • At 250 Patreon subscribers we'll move to Professional rates as recognized by SFWA (8c per word)

What is this Patreon I keep hearing about and why is it so important?

Patreon is a subscription site where you can support your favorite artists or creators by paying a determined monthly rate (as low as $1 a month). In return you'll receive awesome things, like sneak previews of upcoming issues, free giveaways, feedback on submissions, our eternal gratitude, and so much more. You will have a direct hand in shaping our magazine.

It's important because Patreon is our main source of income. Like all magazines we subsist off of the kind and generous support of our readers. Without that income, we won't be able to afford raising our rate of pay for authors and artists. The more of you who can support us through Patreon, he more we can offer everyone in return. There's also special promotion soon to be offered exclusively to our Patreon subscribers, but we'll tell you information about that later. For now, find more information on our Patreon here.

There are many more cool things coming, but we'll release those details as well as a complete 2020 year plan in our next blog post. Stay tuned.

Never forget how amazing you are! You are!





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