New Changes

Dear Reader!

What exciting news we have to share. Utopia Science Fiction is going through some exciting changes - what do we have in store? A few things

1) We're updating the graphics and format of our magazine to be more elegant, more user friendly.

Starting in October our magazine will look a little different and a lot better. We'll be rolling out changes from now until our February issue where we hope to have everything finalized. What does this mean? You'll have to pick up a copy of our October to find out.

2) New Website

With some changes to the graphics and formatting of our October Issue we're also planning to release a new website sometime in November. The new layout will have new features (A much more comprehensive archive), more stories available for free, and a much more streamlined user interface

3) Updated Patreon!

We're going to be working in the next couple months to give you a better Patreon experience for our subscribers. This includes more goals, more rewards and perks, and more access to exclusive content.

Take a leap with us into the future and let's see what marvels it will hold.

Remember, you're always appreciated!


-Tristan Evarts



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