Nominations and Awards

One of the exciting and challenging parts about being a publisher is going through a years worth of stories and poems from talented writers and choosing which ones are the best of the best of the best.

In the last year we've published about 80 different authors. We have to narrow that field down to one or two, which is no easy process. We then are able to nominate those authors for various rewards and best-of anthologies.

We currently nominate authors for the James Tiptree, Jr. Prize (Now known as Otherwise Award), the Best of the Net Anthology and the Pushcart Prize.

The Otherwise Award is given to one or two people each year whose science fiction, fantasy, or speculative fiction story explores and expands on our notions of gender. We've recommended Lizzie Newell and her short story "Under an Airless Sky." Fleeing their own matriarchal society, male refugees arrive on an atmospheric-less planet, whose more androgynous population worry what dangers these new arrivals might pose. Under an Airless Sky was published in our April Issue.

For the Best of the Net Anthology (Which selects the best short stories and poems from online magazines and journals)

For stories we recommended

Insects - An intensely creative work of abstract speculative fiction written by Rich Ives and found in our April Issue

You're It - a beautiful and short fiction piece that weaves through the solar system and beyond, written by Gabrielle Bleu and published in our June issue.

For poems we recommended

On a Mining Planet by John Grey. A poem with a strong voice and good imagery published in our April Issue,

The Void Blends in Your Hand by Carmen L. Alvarado. A beautiful bi-lingual poem published in our February Issue

A World for My Ashes by Christopher Collingwood published in our June issue and with gorgeous and imaginative imagery.

Nominations have not yet occurred for the Pushcart Prize, but we will publish our nominations when they have been selected. Until then, a heart congratulations to those nominated for Best of the Net anthology and the Otherwise Award!


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