Pushcart Prizes and more!

What's new for Utopia Science Fiction Magazine? A lot!

For one: We are now listed on NewPages as a literary magazine. They have a list of vetted magazines here which means they're pretty reliable. Consider looking for other magazines with NewPages.

We've also got merchandise. We have notebooks, phone cases, posters and more featuring the cover art from all of our previous editions. They're high quality and amazing looking and make a really nice present for someone for the holidays. Take a look at our store:

The proceeds from everything bought at that store goes to our Design Editor who otherwise has been volunteering his talents to our magazine.

The next biggest thing is that we've nominated a couple stories for the Pushcart Prize. Congratulations to John Saul (who wrote Tremendous in our August Edition) and Jessica Andrewartha (who wrote Time for Such a Word in our October Edition). We're just waiting to hear back from the Pushcart prize committee. Want to know more about the Pushcart? Find out here:

We're moving forward in a lot of ways. We're looking in particular for more poems to be submitted, but we also need some non-fiction articles for our science corner. As always, we love to hear back from our readers, so if you've read part of one of our issues and liked it (or didn't, or had some other thoughts) don't be shy, let us know!

Wishing you the best dear readers!


Tristan Evarts



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