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Hello everyone!

First and foremost, thank you all for your support and your early submissions. We were able to compile our first sample of Utopia Science Fiction Magazine. A small example of great wonders to come.

The most difficult part about developing a new magazine is settling on a format which will showcase your content the best possible way. Currently the available sample is not in any particular format. I'm working closely with a few artists and we are developing a proper magazine format, as well as a sharp logo for our magazine. Things always come together slowly, and the more excited you are to see something take shape the longer it seems to take. Such is life. We are making good progress though.

The sample will be upgraded when a format is finally designed and settled upon, but I wanted to put something out that focused on the content which is the sample's primary function is at this moment. It demonstrates a small selection of the kinds of stories, poems, and scientific articles that we will be publishing more of. Of course, it's not exclusive - we have a great range of taste in style and content, but it's always better to show something rather than nothing. The sample is free. We encourage everyone to please give it a read and let us know what you think about the stories, the science, or anything in between.

The first story is written by Benjamin Tiller. He a fledgling writer from Exeter, UK. This is his first published work. The story, 'A Day of Doom and Hope', explores the connection and the conflicts between belief and knowledge. It isn't exactly a happy story, but enough optimism can be gleamed for it to be considered for publication. I firmly believe a Utopian Society isn't free from problems or conflicts, the people in a such a society aren't perfect or free from misconceptions. Ultimately it's the decisions they make to deal with these issues that are the mark of a true Utopian Society.

The poem 'Star-Dreams' was written by George F. Gatter. Mr. Gatter was born in Waterbury, CT. He's previously published a short science fiction story in Wonder Stories, 'The Emotion Gas.' He is responsible for providing the sketches featured in the Sample.

The science article and trivia were researched and written by the editor.

Stay tuned for exciting developments. Take some time to look over our sample and continue sending your wonderful stories our way. We love hearing from you and seeing your submissions.

So for the most important message of this blog - thank you!


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