Science of Science Fiction

Every day you can pick up an article of Science American or peruse through a similar online forum. The discoveries that are being made each day almost boggles the mind. Within the past week alone, scientists have discovered how to manipulate brain cells using smart phones, that dark matter may pre-date the big bang, that quantum particles can travel through time, and that information can be coded directly into DNA. Each one of these discoveries contains with it so much potential for a story.

When writing science fiction, don't be afraid to dig in deep - to find the science and to use it. If you're stuck for ideas pick up a scientific journal- figure out what's new! There's a lot of tired ideas going around - drones and robots becoming human or destroying humanity, time travel, angels or divine intervention. As we go forward we're going to increasingly try to steer away from these ideas and dive into the new, the unexplored. If you're looking for ideas or trying to put a new spin on an old classic, do some research! Science fiction isn't anything without the science after all.

Thank you all for your continued support. You're really great!


Tristan Evarts



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