Some Changes and Opportunity!

Dear Reader,

There has been a list for some time of various problems I've been meaning to address. As perhaps is to be expected of such a list, it grows longer the more I decide that tomorrow is the better day to handle it. That is to confess, less elegantly, I've been procrastinating.

Well, dear reader, I am pleased to announce that Tomorrow has arrived. Not literally, but figuratively. I have the solution to the two small problems which have been bothering me most. What problems? I'm glad you asked!

Problem 1) which is an absolutely wonderful problem to have - is that we receive a lot of submissions! Unfortunately, we have almost no staff. I read through each submission very carefully, but find more often than not that my hope of being able to provide individual feedback on each submission simply isn't practical if I want to keep up with the number of submissions I'm receiving and not disappear under a digital mountain of correspondence. This is, I repeat, a fantastic issue to have and I'm overjoyed to receive so many truly fantastic submissions.

Problem 2) I never quite figured out a reliable way to handle subscriptions. The service we use now is adequate for a small number of subscribers - but not truly fit for our ambitions of continuing to grow as a magazine in size and scope.

Thankfully, dear reader, there is an elegant solution! One which takes care of each problem in a way I think you'll all enjoy and benefit from. Gentle-being, I introduce to you the Utopia Science Fiction Patreon!

Patreon allows different levels of subscription - each with a growing number of fun benefits and exclusive opportunities. For just $3 a month you will be given access to exclusive content and we will give personal and thoughtful feedback and editing on any story or poem which you submit to us whether that submission is accepted or not. For just a dollar more you will receive all of that and you will officially subscribe to our magazine. You'll receive automatically each new issue of Utopia Science Fiction and also every back-issue of that current volume. We'll also send you a free notebook with the latest cover art. Each tier gives you everything from previous tiers and more! Subscribe to the next tier and among other things receive a paper-copy of our sample issues. That's right, our magazine has taken a step towards entering the material world! You won't be able to get these copies any other way except through subscribing. Our final tier - the Royal Philosopher (named for the ruling caste in the Utopia city of Plato's Republic) we'll even offer to edit up to 15 pages of any manuscript or project you have (short story or longer!) each month!

We continue, as always to make our magazine as best as it can be and you can help! With each subscriber we can afford not only to offer more fun and exciting content and benefits for our Patreon tiers, but we will also be able to do more for our magazine. That includes more stories and poems and artwork and also increasing the amount we can pay our amazing authors and artists more for their work! We need your support! Let us find that ideal Utopia, and work for a better more optimistic future together!

Subscribe to our Patreon today!

As a result of these changes our old method of subscription is being faded out. Current subscribers may stay on their current plan or switch to our Patreon. Also - we will no longer be providing feedback on all submissions, only to those who have subscribed. We are improving the quality and detail of our feedback to those who do chose the option to support us.

Thank you. I think you're pretty amazing!

Best regards,

Tristan Evarts

-Chief Editor.


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