The Podcast Has arrived

Updated: Jun 5

Dear Reader,

We've been pretty busy lately- preparing the February edition which is set to come out February 28th. I've already settled the April Issue as well - and am starting plans for next years editions.

But all of that is still in the future. I'd like to address the here and now, the ever-marvelous present. We have created our first companion podcast. The plan currently is to release one each other month and read a short story published in our past and have a topic of discussion. In our first podcast I and the Design Editor, Jonathan S. discuss what makes a Good Utopian society and what makes a good Utopian story.

We've heard great feedback from our listeners so far. The podcast has been called fun, engaging, well-read. We encourage you to take a listen yourself and let us know what you think.

Until next time, dear readers. Good health and happiness to you all.


Tristan Evarts

-Editor in Chief


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