Starting Places

Hello everyone.

A question for you today. What was the first science-fiction book you ever read? What was it that got you hooked into science fiction?

For me - I started off very young reading fantasy, Lord of the Rings, Redwall series, or Anne McCaffrey's Pern series. The very first Science-Fiction novel I read was Isaac Asimov's Fantastic Voyage. From there my appetite grew and I read H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Robert Heinlein...what really got me hooked into science fiction wasn't a book. It was my very first episode of Star Trek. Suddenly I was opened up to a universe of possibilities. When things weren't going well, I watched Star Trek and I knew that they would get better.

There's a message of hope some science-fiction captures, a promise that as bad as things are today, they can be better tomorrow. I think that's an extremely powerful message and if anything, that is the message I'd like to capture in this magazine. Science Fiction, more than any other kind of literature, has that ability to shape the future and our perceptions of it. So let's shape that future in a positive way.

Looking forward to the future with you all! I'm curious to hear from you about your first science-fiction book and what hooked you into the genre.

Keep on reaching for the stars!


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