Utopia Art Contest Winners!

We held our first Art Competition in the month of July into August and I am very pleased to say it went incredibly well. We had close to 25 entries, which made the task of judging difficult, since all of them were top-notch. So I called in some help.

Our judges were

-Myself (Editor-in-chief)

-Jonathan S. (Design Editor)

-Leon Perniciaro (Assistant Editor)

-Haley Grunloh (regular contributing artist)

It took a few days of considering, we narrowed the list of 25 to 12 entries which each judge mentioned liking. From there we narrowed the list even further to 5 entries that at least one judge mentioned liking. From the short list drew our winners.

Before I mention who they are, a huge thanks to the judges for their hard work in this and to all of our wonderful participants who submitted your amazing artwork to our contest.

The winners are

1st place - Dorie Petrochko

2nd Place - Armin Armirian

3rd Place -Elizabeth Eve King

You'll get to see Dorie Petrochko's artwork as our cover for our August issue. Armin Armirian and Elizabeth Eve King's works will be featured soon in an upcoming issue of Utopia Science Fiction Magazine.

Congratulations to the winners, and perhaps we'll see more of everyone's artwork in the future!

Until next time, keep remembering how awesome you are.


-Tristan Evarts


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