What happens when I submit my poem?

A behind-the-scene looks at what happens when you submit poetry to our magazine.

Poetry has always been more difficult to edit, at least, since the invention of free verse. My strengths lie more in metered rhyme and structured poems. Free or blank verse poems have so little structure, even with regards as to how the words are placed on a page, that it can be difficult to always sum up what makes a poem good for Utopia Science Fiction?

When the ability to apply structure falls out there are still several important factors which are taken under consideration when a poem is read. How good is a poem at evoking a response? What are the dynamics and the effects of the word choices? What is the image the poem is trying to bring up.

For narrative poems, what is the structure of the narrative? All rules seem to have been made for breaking and in this day and age they seem to be broken quite commonly. My strength and preference is always a poem with a considered structure, but I get very few of those. So my focus then, when reviewing submitted poems, is on their ability to evoke and to send a clear message as well as the relevance and use of science, space travel, a science-fiction theme.

One day, I'd really like to read the next space based epic poem. Beowulf in space anyone?

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Thanks to those who have submitted material so far and to those future submissions to come.

Tristan Evarts



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