What's in a logo?

Good evening everyone.

I write this blog with a lot of exciting developments happening around me. Too many to get out in just one blog post, so let's start with the most important things. First and foremost, I want to give a huge shout-out to Jonathan S. who not only was extraordinarily helpful in helping to format our magazine into something of quality, but they also provided a couple of pieces of artwork for the magazine including the cover image.

Next another shout-out to Haley Grunloh for designing the current logo of Utopia Science Fiction. Comets have long since been held as omens, portents of tidings, messengers from the gods. In days of old they were connected to disasters and menaces, the Chinese went so far as to refer to them as 'vile stars'. In the thousand plus years since then science and understanding of our universe has transformed a symbol of fear into something much more awesome. We now believe that comets brought water, possibly even bacteria or other precursors to life, to our planet. They flash across the sky from time to time as symbols of great beauty, elegance, mystery. It is my hope that our logo will not serve as a preemptive sign of our downfall, but as a message of hope - a trailblazer in the sky as we continue to move forward and accomplish great things. To me it represents not just a trailblazer, but a symbol of hope and of transformation.

Science fiction, more than any other genre, is the literature of the future. It helps us to explore the many possible outcomes of what might be. It allows us to see forward into infinite possibility and infinite wonder of future worlds. Let us then go together, with the stories we publish here - onward to infinite wonder! If you wish to see more of Jonathan's incredible work. Please look here: or consider supporting his Patreon page:

If you wish to see more of Haley's wonderful art please visit her website:

I'm extremely grateful to Haley and to Jonathan and to each one of you who helps make this magazine possible. There's so many more exciting things to tell you, so stay tuned.


-Tristan Evarts,

Editor of Utopia Science Fiction


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