What We're Not Looking For

Updated: Jun 5

We receive a lot of submissions and a lot of topics have been done to death. While the stories themselves may be well rendered, it's unlikely we'll accept any of the following (Unless they bring some truly earth shattering perspective or idea to the concept):

1) Stories on robots, androids

Every month we receive four or five stories. Usually pertaining to whether or not an android can be human, or whether it will replace humanity, or ethical questions as to whether or not they're sentient.

2) Post-Apocalyptic stories

Stories where the world has been destroyed are also pretty common. Our general focus is on optimistic futures and, generally speaking, not being reduced to warring tribes in a post-technological world is pretty optimistic. We occasionally accept stories like this, but again, it's a heavily written topic and it's hard to find fresh perspectives on it.

3) Political Fiction

Stories with poorly masked metaphors or factions depicting far left or far right or other extreme political factions taking over the world and either saving or ruining it

4) Time Travel Stories

No. Just No. Though it's quite possible to write a good story with time travel, the mechanics and consequences are almost never fully realized and when they are it tends to lead to an over-complicated and messy story.

5) Inaccurate depictions of science

Stories which greatly simplify science like FTL travel or simply present wrong or miscalculated science in great degree.

6) Aliens abduction stories

7) Stories in which Utopia worlds aren't actually Utopian, but are in fact entirely the opposite.

There's nothing wrong with the stories above, there's certainly nothing wrong with a writer's ability to craft them when they're sent in. But in the hopes of discovering new things and there are plenty of unique stories out there that don't fall into any of those categories, we're not likely to accept a story if it falls on the list.

Keep writing! Keep being awesome!


Tristan Evarts



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