June/July Issue of Utopia Science Fiction Magazine.


Short Stories
"Mother Mars" by Matt McHugh
"Child’s Play" by Edd Vick & Manny Frishberg
"Last Float Out of Dodge" by J.L. Royce
"You’re It" by Gabrielle Bleu
"A Night at Shining Star Intergalactic Casino" by James Rumpel
"Rainmaker" by Thomas Broderick
"The Artemis" by Stephen C Curro
"Transmission" by Harris Coverley
"Gravity’s Hym" by Harris Coverley
"Detained" by Christopher Lee Scoville
"If You Give Me Your Eyes" by Amirah Al Wassif
"Allegrons" by Harris Coverley
"All" by Harris Coverley
"The Future" by Christopher Lee Scoville
"How I Washed My Heart" by Amirah Al Wassif
"A World For My Ashes" by Christopher Collingwood
Science Corner
"A Second Star Appeared One Morning" by E. G. Morse

June 2020 Vol. 1 Issue 06


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