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June/July 2022, Vol. III Issue 06





Letter from the Editor by Jonathan S.



Natacha Chough


Short Stories

The Stick Dancer by Mahmud El Sayed

The Caretaker by Avery Parks

We're Right Here! by J.B. Toner

Missing at Language-to-Language by Julia LaFond



Trained by a Veteran of the Solar Wars by Elizabeth R. McClellan

Astral Dreams by Colleen Anderson

The Butterfly Effect by Colleen Anderson

Astronatomy by Marisca Pichette

My Alien Neighbor by Lorraine Schein

Stellar Day at Play by Richard Enos

Perseus by Januário Esteves

Night Sky by Greg Schwartz

Stolen Kisses by Greg Schwartz


Science Corner

Speaking with AI about Philosophyy by Jean-Paul Garnier

How Things Measure Up by Donald Guadagni


The Reader Speaks!

Contributing Author

June/July 2022 [Digital]

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