SPECIAL ART ISSUE, December 2020, Vol. 2 Issue 3




Letter From the Editor                                                                                                            



Toe Keen

Paul Blenchko

E.E. King

Lydia Cruz

Alexis Garcia

Debbie Hughes

Sara Zunda

Haley Grunloh

Amna Yusuf
Clara Kaufmann

Armin Amirian

Dorie Petrochko


Interview with Michael Whelan


Short Stories

Senchado in Microgravity by Dawn Vogel

Eviction Notice by Dave Kavanaugh

Defective: A Hominum Futurus Chronicle by Kevin Stadt



The Secret Ambassador Sends a Message Home by Stuart Sinclair

Beyond the Dream by Celine Rose Mariotti

Dusk by Hazel Ann Lee


Science Corner

Lava Caves on the Moon: A Spacebit interview .by Leon Perniciaro

The Reader Speaks!
Author Contributors

SPECIAL ART ISSUE, PRINT EDITION, December 2020, Vol. 2 Issue 3