The Onset of Robot Society

by Ken Poyner

The question is

Are you a falling edge machine
Or a rising one?
Most people think it is the absence
Or presence of current
That makes for a one or
A zero, for set or unset, for
Tripped or un-tripped. We know
At the core of us the truth is change and not stasis:
The movement from one state to another
Is the detectable event
That records us. But in some models
It is one direction of change;
In others, it is the opposite.
If we have to hang our new social theory
On something, such is the most elemental
Of design features: we may as well start there.
Happily, the great ordering thus begins.



After years of impersonating a Systems Engineer, Ken Poyner has retired to watch his wife continue to break national and world raw powerlifting records.  Ken’s two current poetry collections (The Book of Robot and Victims of a Failed Civics) and four short fiction collections (Constant Animals, Avenging Cartography, The Revenge of the House Hurlers, and Engaging Cattle) are available from Amazon and elsewhere.  www.kpoyner.com

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