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The Smilodon

by Alzo David-West

snow falls 

     on meadows

          and tall hills 


a mammoth,

     ancient and slow, 

          treads the vale



     the winter isle,

          a smilodon


flakes strike

     the saber jaw—

          a leap in flight


in sanguine snows

     spread forms

          and bones


then the lurking

     eyes of ancient foes—

          men, wolves, bears


the tribes glare,

     and the hills mark 

          their howls and roars


the noises of war 

     settle, the enemies 

          desist and cease



     the smilodon breathes,

          frozen wind drifts


frost-clouds lower,

     dim, heavy, grey,

          and night falls


a sharp stone,

     a torn thigh,

          the smilodon sleeps


and it peers 

     into the shadows

          of still dreams


the winter turns,

     age glides to age

          and green



Alzo David-West is a writer, poet, and academic. His creative writing appears in Antimatter, Balloons Literary Journal, Barzakh, Cha, Cultural Logic, Eastlit, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Grief Diaries, K'in, Missing Slate, Offcourse, Star*Line, StepAway Magazine, Tower Journal, Transnational Literature, and 365 Tomorrows. He has also edited and cotranslated scifaiku and tanka in Silver Blade and Star*Line.

Poetry by Alzo David-West:

"The Smilodon" October 2021

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