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We Must Believe the Road Ahead is Full of Light

by Lisa Timpf

There’s an old story about a farmer and two travellers

and how our expectations color what we see

and maybe that applies to the future, too,

so I try to imagine a friendly one peopled, 


not with Alien aliens, but gentler ones, 

with whom we might walk hand in hand. I imagine

the future as a broader place, where new frontiers

have opened up, and you can visit the thriving


colony on Mars, or travel off to Titan or Thestias,

Ganymede or Ggantija, or choose to live out among 

the wild stars. In this future, humans will be welcomed 

into the arms or tentacles of the Confederacy or Commonwealth


or whatever they call themselves, our galactic 

counterparts, our new brothers and sisters, and 

we’ll have learned by then to forego blowing 

one another up, to look out past our own skies


toward a wondrous and unfathomably vast universe 

full of possibilities, and work together to get there. 

If we dare to dream, it carves a place for hope to go. 

If we believe, perhaps we’ll find the will to make it so.



Lisa Timpf is a retired HR and communications professional who lives in Simcoe, Ontario. Her poetry has appeared in New Myths, Star*Line, Polar Borealis, Liminality, and other venues. You can find out more about Lisa’s writing at

Poetry by Lisa Timpf:

"We Must Believe the Road Ahead is Full of Light" October 2021

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