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Utopia Science Fiction Magazine - Quality stories, interesting science, and a future to believe in

We can do this by ourselves, but it's much easier with friends. As a small starting out publication we appreciate donations of any amount to help us continue to do what we love. Publish great fiction and pay authors!

Welcome to Utopia Science Fiction Magazine. We are dedicated to publishing high quality Science Fiction.


We prefer optimistic pieces, but will consider anything not outright Dystopian. It is our belief that science fiction more than any other genre can help to shape our image of the future. So why not shape it positively? Bring us anything that will transport us into a future we might want to live in.

We pay our authors and will publish short stories, poetry, and science articles on a variety of subjects and in a variety of styles.

For more information, please check our blog, our About page, or our Submission Guidelines.

We are currently open to submissions.

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