Utopia Science Fiction Podcast. Episode 7: Sultana's Dream

March 2021

Presenting the Utopia Science Fiction - The Podcast: Sultana's Dream. We're back after a short break and we're better than ever. The Editor-in-chief and Design Editor are joined by special guest star Haley Grunloh as we discuss Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain's science fiction feminist utopian story Sultana's Dream (1905) (you can read the story here: https://digital.library.upenn.edu/wom...​). We discuss feminism, writing styles, and street flowers (lots about street flowers!).

Utopia Science Fiction Podcast. Episode 6: Dystopia to Utopia

November 2020

In this episode we read Dues by Bill Glover (Utopia Science Fiction, October 2020). Later the Editor and Design Editor are joined by special guest star, Leon Perniciaro, and discuss turning famous dystopian novels into Utopian stories.

Utopia Science Fiction The Podcast Episode 5 The Art of Something New

September 2020

We read the story "Not Usual" by David Chevalier (Utopia Science Fiction, August 2020). Then, joined by special guest star Haley Grunloh, we discuss artwork, creating illustrations for Utopia, advice for artists, our recent art competition and more!

Utopia Science Fiction Podcast. Episode 4: Star Investigators

July 2020

We read "Rainmaker" by Thomas Broderick and then discuss a science article talking about the sudden and mysterious disappearance of a giant star in a galaxy millions of light-years away.

Utopia Science Fiction Podcast. Episode 3: The Beginning of the End

May 2020

We read "Your Futures" by Nick Dinacola and then discuss how to write a good last line after a quick round of trivia where we try to guess the name of a story based on just the last line.

Utopia Science Fiction Podcast. Episode 2: The Best of Both Worlds

March 2020

We read "What The Good Must Remember" and discuss the genre of science fantasy.

Utopia Science Fiction Podcast. Episode 1: What Makes a Good Utopia?

February 2020

We read "Library of Life" by Lena Ng and discuss what makes a good Utopian story and society.

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