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Have a new book, podcast, or magazine you want to get the word out for? We will advertise anything related to the sciences, from toy physics kits to your soaring space opera! 

We are primarily a literary magazine, so our focus is and always will be on our stories and poems. We do, however, set aside space in each issue for up to 4 quarter page advertisements and 1 full page advertisement. Outside of each issue we also allow for advertisements on our website and on our bi-monthly podcast episodes.

Requests are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have something you'd like to advertise, don't delay!


Service and Price:

In Magazine:

Quarter-sheet advertisement: $4

Full page advertisement: $10

On Website:

Square advertisement (266 x 266px): $30 per month

Full banner advertisement (533 x 80px): $40 per month

On Podcast:

Visual advertisement only: $3 per episode

Visual and audio advertisement: $15 per episode


Bundle advertisements on multiple media and save!

Advertise on two mediums and save 10% off of the total normal price.

Advertise on all three mediums and save 15% off total normal price.

Learn more about free advertising opportunities by checking out our Patreon!

Please fill out the form with some basic information and we will be in touch! (Please expect to send us an image of the product and a short description.)

Disclaimer: The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising which is not in keeping with Utopia's standards. Advertisers will assume liability for all content of advertisements printed, including responsibility for any claims arising therefrom against the publisher.

FEB/MAR 2024

Upload File

Please include in your message:

  • the product you wish to advertise

  • the name of the person or company who owns the product

  • if you want a quarter sheet or full page advertisement

  • a short description of the product, including date available, book blurb (if applicable), intended audience, how will this product be available

Thanks for your inquiry!

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