For I dipt into the future, far as Human Eye could see.

Saw the vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be.

-Alfred Lord Tennyson

Who are we?

Welcome to Utopia Science Fiction (USF) Magazine. Founded July, 2019, we are a growing science fiction magazine dedicated to publishing quality science fiction short stories, science articles, and poetry. We put out a new issue on the 30th of every other month, and we release a free story and poem every three weeks. Welcome!

What are we looking for?

We want enthralling stories set in futures we might want to live in. Counter to the recent dystopian craze, we publish stories that shine with a more optimistic future, one we want to believe in, one we would fight for.

We're looking for

  • Captivating world-building

  • Character-rich, diverse settings

  • Well-written engaging plots that steer away from common tropes

  • Tension and conflict that leap out of the page and grab us

  • A good ending

  • Hard science fiction, stories based in explained science


About the Editor-in-Chief

Tristan Evarts has a degree in English and Philosophy with a specialization in creative writing from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. His first published work was in the 2013 short anthology Galaxies Crossed. He's taken workshops with famous authors such as David Gerrold, Neil Gaiman, and Margaret Atwood. He is also the owner of Castle Books and Tea bookshop.

​Some of his favorite science fiction authors are Edmond Hamilton, Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Harlan Ellison, Ted Chiang, William Tenn, and James Blish.

It's his goal to provide feedback to every story he reads. 

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About the Design Editor

​Jonathan S. is a secretive soul who dwells in the nothing-space between universes.

When not traversing the dark seams, Jonathan is responsible for the design of each issue.


Lynne Sargent is a writer, aerialist, and philosophy Ph.D candidate at the University of Waterloo. Their work has been nominated for Rhysling and Aurora Awards, and has appeared in venues such as Augur Magazine, Strange Horizons, and Daily SF. Their first collection, A Refuge of Tales, is out now from Renaissance Press. Find them on Twitter @SamLynneS or visit them at scribbledshadows.wordpress.com.

Some of their favourite SFF writers include Amal El-Mohtar, Ali Trotta, Brandon O'Brien, Seanan McGuire, and Robert Jackson Bennett.

About the Poetry Editor

angie pic.jpg

Angie is a UK based writer and musician. She has recently graduated from a master’s in Creative Writing and Publishing and is currently working on her first book. The daughter of a physicist, she has an amateur interest in quantum physics and astronomy and loves everything to do with space travel. She hopes to live long enough to afford space tourism.


Some of her favourite writers are Kurt Vonnegut, Ursula Le Guin, Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, and Terry Pratchett. 

About the Fiction Editor


Jessica Nickelsen is originally from Vancouver, Washington, but moved to New Zealand in her teens. After a stint in Europe she now lives back in NZ, with her husband, daughter, and a tribe of cats. She blogs at discombobulated.co.nz.

Some of her currently favourite books have been written by Brian K Vaughan, Yoon Ha Lee, Elizabeth Bear, China Mieville, Neal Stephenson, Roger Zelazny, and Diana Wynne Jones.

About the Assistant Fiction Editor


J.D. Harlock is an Arab writer and editor based in Beirut. In addition to work at Utopia, he is the Poetry Editor at Orion's Belt and the Poetry Co-Editor at Solarpunk Magazine. You can find him on Twitter @JD_Harlock

About the Outreach Manager


Have questions or suggestions? Following up on a submission? Comments on something you've read in one of our issues?
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