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The Binary Stream
By Amy Brennan


“You know what sucks harder than the vacuum of space? Being six months – six measly months too young to be able to say: I want to stay on Earth with my friends! But noooo; my parents decide they want to ship out to the new colony world and, as I have no living relatives, I have no one I can legally stay with on Earth. I have to go with them. My life. Is. Over!”


As I read the opening entry of the diary my parents gave me when they told me we were shipping out, I snort, loudly. If only fifteen-year-old me had known the half of it!


What really sucks worse than a hard vacuum? Waking after a late night/early morning celebrating the halfway point (and, incidentally, my 21st birthday) to the shriek of the emergency sirens, mum yelling at me to get in the emergency pod as she scrabbles for her emergency gear, and da already racing out of the cabin his gear in hand. 


The Binary Stream
by Amy Brennan

Fundamental Things Apply
by Chris Barnham

Searching for Meaning in the Stars

by Dustin Grinnell

The Threshold
by Gemma Church


Physics Fun for Science Fiction Authors and Fans: Black Hole Perturbations
by Andrew E Love, Jr.

Inside the Pearl
by Louise Butler

Interview with Samuel R. Delaney


Bright Exhale

by Eva Papasoulioti

My Son's Story

by Kathy Bailey

One 30 Hour Day in the Life of an Ordinary Astronaut

by Conor Gearin

Swan Song

by Chloe McIntosh

Star Phone

by Lorraine Schein


Letter from the Editor
by Tristan Evarts


Mimsy were the Borogoves
by Lewis Padgett


Anthology Front Cover-1.png

Utopia is not the end of progress, but the first step on an even bigger journey. Dare to leap into a world where hope defines us.


Utopia Science Fiction Magazine’s mission is to publish stories that shine with a more optimistic future, one we all want to believe in. This anthology collects some of the best stories published from 2019-2023.

Included in this special five year anthology are exclusive interviews with staff and volunteers, introductions to the stories and poems by the authors themselves, and interviews with amazing talent such as James Gurney and Joe Haldeman. This book also includes gorgeous new artwork commissioned especially for this anthology.

Authors Included: Krysten Lipp * Jessica Andrewartha * Penny Sebring Leigh * Kara Race-Moore * Dawn Vogel * Gabrielle Bleu * Adam Slavny * Loren Hall * Gwen C. Katz * Patrice Sarath * Raima Larter * Calie Voorhis * Alex Singer * Karl El-Koura * Timothy Hickson * Mahmud El Sayed * Andrew Najberg * Clare L. Deming * Nadine Aurora Tabing * Kelly Kurtzhals Geiger * Sterling Warner * LindaAnn LoSchiavo * Louis Gallo * Carmen Lucía Alvarado * Christopher Collingwood * Lisa Timpf * Elizabeth R. McClellan * Lynn White * Avra Margariti * Colleen Anderson * Lorraine Schein * Kim Whysall-Hammond * Eva Papasoulioti * Januário Esteves * Lauren McBride * Brian Hugenbuch * Jordan Hirsch * Beth Cato and Rhonda Parrish

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