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August/September 2023, Vol. V Issue 01





Letter from the Editor byTristan Evarts


Short Stories

Star Light, Star Bright by Nina Shepardson

Seeds for Titanium by Brandon Crilly

Super Crones by Vera Brook

Join With Me Tomorrow by Emma Burnett



If You Should Meet a Black Hole by Lisa Timpf

Alien Pointillism by Mary Soon Lee

Anxiety #243 by E.H. Lupton

Time is Reversible in Quantum Equations by Louis Gallo

Since the Flood by John Kucera


Book Review


Creature Feature


Science Corner

Making Transportation Possible by Yuliia Vereta

Eat Your Veggies by Signe Nettum


The Vault

Omnilingual by H. Beam Piper


Contributing Authors

August / September 2023

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