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February/March 2022, Vol. III Issue 4





Letter from the Editor by Lynne Sargent



James Gurney


Short Stories

The Princess of the People, Told by Starlight by L.P. Melling

To swim Between Worlds by Gustavo Bondoni

Armor by Emmie Christie

A Mycologist's Guide to -falling in love- Discovering a New Species by Shelly Jones

Nonstandardized Testing by Gideon Marcus



The Ethics of Black Holes by David Barber

A Principle, a Law, a Theory by Jason Kahler

Carve it in Doves and Pomegranates by Kim Whysall - Hammond

Heavenbound by Maija Haavisto

Time's Birthday by Donald Pomerantz

Specialty Lights by Donald Pomerantz


Science Corner

Future Telescopes by Pauline Barmby

Strange States of Matter: Quasicrystals by Keith Doc Raymond


The Reader Speaks!

Contributing Authors

Feb/Mar 2022, Vol. 3 Issue 4 (digital)

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