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June/July 2023, Vol. IV Issue 06





Letter from the Editor by Lynne Sargent


Short Stories

Homeworld by Lisa Short

La Vie En Mer by Ephiny  Gale

Earl Grey & Some Glue by Ramez Yoakeim

The Realm of Forms by Tom Gammarino



A Look into the Lives of the Geriatric Life-Companions on the Aniara by Goran Lowie

T & R Used Books & Curios by Angela Acosta

Life Lessons by Shannon Connor Winward

Fruiting Bodies by Sam Lesek

Polaroid Pictures of the Future by Manuela Amiouny


Science Corner

The Electric Synapse by Keith 'Doc' Raymond

Let's get Into Shape by Donald Guadagni


The Vault

A True Story by Lucian of Samosata


Contributing Authors

June / July 2023 Issue

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