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Letter from the Editor

by Tristan Evarts

Dear Reader,


It started, as all ideas start out, first a dream then words on a paper. From there it began to grow up until this very moment where it becomes actual. Utopia Science Fiction Magazine is proud to present the official first issue of the first volume. We had a lot of submissions, not all of them could be presented here, though it is my belief that all of them should be presented somewhere. So thank you for all those who sent in their work for our inaugural issue. 


I also want to extend a huge thanks to all those who have supported this endeavor and made it possible and extend the largest thanks to our contributing artists and our design editor who make this magazine so much more than just words on a page. 


Our first story presented is Tremendous by John Saul. It isn’t in the traditional format of a short story and when I first read it I thought it was a bit abstract for my taste, but I kept coming back to it. There’s something beautiful in its prose and I think when you read it you’ll see exactly what I mean. Our next piece is by Ivanka Fear entitled Metamorphosis which explores intriguing ideas technology and evolution. A Game of War by Chad Lutz has several inaccuracies, the first being that China out-clips us both in natural resources and space program progress. They stand a far better chance of getting off the ground than us Americans. China actually has the only space-program not co-dependent on other countries. The second is that gold and carbon bonds are generally unstable, though there is significant progress and study in the field of organigold or organic gold compounds which do bond with carbon. The story is unhindered by these very minor points and the humor and enthusiasm of the story is truly wonderful and it’s most endearing quality. Krysten Lipp’s story iGirl Friday is a serious story and makes a commendable addition to the short stories in our inaugural issue. 


I was not expecting as many poems to be submitted and I was once again proven the folly of my expectations. We had a number of poems submitted and of such quality! They show imagination and strength of voice. I won’t say much of them here, but I’ll let them speak their own worth. I’m certain they’ll speak volumes. 


Our Science Corner is a bit lacking and we highly encourage submissions in this regard. We welcome any article on any subject by scientists or those with a scientific interest. Be it biology to astrophysics, chemistry to computer engineering, we love to hear about it. For now we have filled the pages of our Science Corner with several interesting facts and a few comments that were submitted to our magazine by curious readers of our sample magazine. 


I’ll end this with a thank you to those of you reading this. Without you we could never get very far. If you enjoy our magazine, encourage your friends to pick up a copy. If you dislike our magazine, encourage an enemy! In all seriousness, we appreciate your support with deep and sincere gratitude. Please help us to spread the word. I will end this by reminding our readers, who may be writers themselves, that we are still looking for some submissions for our next issue which will be published towards the end of October. Now in that cry to rouse our spirits let us continue onward, ever onward! Onward through the impossible! 


Enjoy the magazine. 



Tristan Evarts 



Tristan Evarts is the founder and editor-in-chief of Utopia Science Fiction Magazine. He has degrees in English, Philosophy, and Library Science. 

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