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April 2021, Vol. 2 Issue 5





Letter from the Editor” by Tristan Evarts


Short Stories

Rope Ladder to the Moon” by Andrew Darlington

The Fifth Stage” by Erin Smith

My Moon in Red” by L. Michelle Tago-Tu’itupou

They Shall Feed the Earth” by J.B. Polk

Joe Fledge’s Jump” by Patrice Sarath

Lovely Lilas” by Ephiny Gale



Five Haikus” by Greg Fewer

The Garden Trellis (A Cascade)” by Dawn Vogel

Highway” by Garrett Carroll

Nebulous Sunflowers” by Garrett Carroll

Holography” by Louis Girón

We Fly” by Gerri Leen

The Terraformer of Bigotry” by Dawn Vogel

Finding a Planet Within the Rocks” by M.C. Childs

Giants” by Lynn White

Calling on Neighbors” by M.C. Childs

Prodigal—A Villanelle” by R.K. Rugg

The Bird that Flies Backwards” by Andrew Darlington

Scaling” by Louis Gallo

“Science Learning Through Arts” by Sukarma Rani Thareja


Science Corner

Learning Ecologies” by Randall Hayes

The ‘Shiny’ Animals of Nature” by Nick D’Onofrio


The Reader Speaks!

Contributing Authors

April 2021, Vol. 2 Issue 5 (digital)

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