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Letter from the Editor by Tristan Evarts



Vitalia (Cover)

Eric J. Jenkins

Rachel Hannah

Drew Golden

Amna Wali

Julien Thiebaut

Charles Saplak

Donald Guadagni

James Mellor

Mike Stone

H. Lee Messina

Yoyo Hu

Mary Brieter

Wayne Agnew

Maryna Sokolyan

Fernanda Monroy

Fidah Jeznach

Lia Liao

David Weigham



Jim Burns


Short Stories

Two Robots at the End of the World by Timothy Hickson
Venus Has a Penguin Problem by Calie Voorhis
Armor by Emmie Christie



It's Not Utopian If There Are No Fat People by Jordan Hirsch
Fugitive by Denny E. Marshall

The Void by Louis Gallo


The Vault

From the London Times of 1904 by Mark Twain


Science Corner

Formation of Planets and Moons by Keith 'Doc' Raymond


Contributing Authors

Dec 2022, Vol. 4, Issue 3 (Digital)

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