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October/November 2021, Vol. 3 Issue 2





Letter from the Editor by Tristan Evarts


Short Stories

Journey to Anasta by Karl El-Koura

Caged Potential by Jared Cappel

I’ll Never Miss Her Special Day by Mike Adamson

The Purple Rose of Retribution by Larry Hodges



Exquisite Corpses by Andrew Darlington

The Smilodon by Alzo David-West

Fenlands by Andrew Kolarik

We Must Believe the Road Ahead is Full of Light by Lisa Timpf

Miniatures by Debasish Mishra


Science Corner

Trauma Tropes Illustrated by Randall Hayes

A Temporary Utopia by Joyce Frohn


The Reader Speaks!

Contributing Authors

Oct/Nov 2021, Vol. 3 Issue 2 (digital)

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