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October/November 2023, Vol. V Issue 02





Letter from the Editor by Raima Larter


Creature Feature


Short Stories

Star Light, Star Bright (Conclusion) by Nina Shepardson

Moth Girl by Anna Madden

Hi from Shelling Point by T.K. Rex

Generations by Hûw Steer



Beetle Crown by Marisca Pichette

First by J.M. Cyrus

Cosmic Melody by Eva Papasoulioti

Literary Hagfish by Amelia Gorman

A Traditional Custom in at Least Five Human Countries  by Elis Montgomery


Interview with Andrew Fraknoi


Science Corner

Why Isamov Hated 1984 by James Machell

Insights from New Research on Extraterrestrial Life by Ina


The Vault

Omnilingual (Conclusion) by H. Beam Piper


Contributing Authors

October / November 2023 Issue

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