JUNE 2021


by Liam Hogan

It doesn't matter how well you get along in training—being cooped up together in a tin can no bigger than a campervan for years at a time would test anyone's nerves. Especially when things go wrong.


“Ilse, what does that look like to you?” Katya asked as I was picking at the last of my rations. We didn't eat together any more; there wasn't room for her leg.

I peered at the external display. There were no windows in Narnia; they would have weakened the integrity of the science module. Instead, high-definition cameras looked out over the frozen planet in every direction.


“Is that... snowmen?”


“Or snowwomen,” Katya suggested.


Big Blue Marble
by Raima Larter

Can of Worms
by Liam Hogan

Curious Cane-Coda
by Rekha Valliappan


Extrasolar Faeryland
by Avra Margariti

Cylindropuntia Spatium
by Marsheila Rockwell

Elegy for a Poet
by Herb Kauderer


Pie in the Sky? Maybe Not

by Ricardo L. Garcia


Letter from the Editor
by Lynne Sargent
Other fiction in this issue:
Giant by A.T. Sayre

Liminal Connections by Maura Yzmore

Letters From The Phased Photonic Travel Company by Ray Daley

Other poetry in this issue:
Diva by G.O. Clark

Space Race by David Barber

Ode on a Martian Urn by B.T. Petro

Astronaut Awareness by Hazel Ann Lee

The Bands of Saturn by Coleman Bomar

Across Space and Time, Love’s Light by L.P. Melling

Other non-fiction in this issue:

Exploring Venus by Jenny Baulch