April/May 2022

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by Calvary Ryan

We look to the mauve skies and chant: You’ll never know. You’ll never know. You’ll never know. 

But one day, there’ll be a spaceship that finds you exiled on your new planet of white and reddened colonies, plump with the bitterness and rage that accompanies being orphaned and othered. That mothership of hope will carry our children – ignorant with curiosity and deafened to the tragedies to come. This is the history that they’ll bring for you to rewrite:

We united as people of color and artificial intelligence to send the true oppressors off in spaceships. Our ozone is still burning from your exile. We wrote the history of our beautiful rebellion. There was blood across our neglected worlds. North America remains scorched, with glaciers cutting through the landscape. But there is a quiet peace in desolation and in the silences that follow, knowing that across our shores, we need not fear plagues or war with colonizers. The middle passage is closed, and the dark web is destroyed. In the half-beats, we fell in love and populated the Earth in our own image and of our robotic husbands and wives, bionic and marvelous: organic, form-fitting architecture. And of the strong hands and soft eyes that built so much of the world, we learned what it meant to love life that does not look like you, and from that union we bore new children. On hazy nights when the stars and quasars struggle to cut through the smoky film, the children ask if it was worth it....


The Best Of Us
by Calvary Ryan

Do Me Out
by Justine Norton-Kertson

Two Robots at the End of the World
by Timothy Hickson


Dear Robot
by Martina Litty

A Reimagining
by Mary Soon Lee

How Ghosts Kiss
by Avra Margariti



All About Time
by Don Guadagni

Teleportation: Current Transporter Advances

by Keith 'Doc' Raymond


Letter from the Editor
by Tristan Evarts

Other fiction in this issue:

Smells Like Another Long Night by Peter Medeiros

Stereolith by Ella Gale

Other poetry in this issue:

The Economics of Death by Nnadi Samuel

Petrichor by Ella Papasoulioti

Other non-fiction in this issue:

Interview with Christina De La Rocha