by A.T. Sayre

There wasn't even a moment of light-headedness coming out of the jump. That in itself was something to get used to. Twenty-nine years of space travel made me instinctively anticipate those first few seconds after the return to normal space, when your vision blurs and the nausea rolls over you like a pulse. You learn to close your eyes and hold your breath because that helps.

But on the Chapman there's nothing. These new drives glide so smoothly from hyperspace back into the universe that they leave old hands like me gritting my teeth like a fool before I remember. All I can do till I break the habit is quietly let out the breath and open my eyes. And hope none of these kids on my crew noticed.

We came into the Mendri system more precisely than threading a needle. Re-entering normal space within the gravitational influence of the red dwarf forty-five million kilometers away, three million kilometers above the orbital plane. Mendri Prime, the planetoid that was our ultimate destination, was almost directly below us at -.03 on the y-axis. I couldn’t help but smile.


by A.T. Sayre

The Curious Case of
the Cave Salamander
by Gwen C. Katz

First Rights
by Dawn Vogel


Unexpected Malfunction
by Jordan Hirsch

by Lorraine Schein

by Lorraine Schein

by Henry Grossen


Letter from the Editor
by Tristan Evarts
Artists featured in this issue:

Christopher Thomas
Kat Heckenbach
Drew Golden
Diann Klink
Paul Bonanno
Haley Grunloh
Abigail Tweeton
Fabio Lastrucci
Gabriel Rosswell
Matthew Huntley
Mike Stone
H. Lee Messina
Barbara Candiotti
John R.S. Trely
Moses Ojo
Charles Boatner

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Vincent Di Fate
Ainissa Ramirez

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Anselmo J. Alliegro