APRIL 2021


by Patrice Sarath

The chatter over my commlink was faint, constant, and easily ignored. My helmet limited my view but if I turned my head, I could see the rest of the crew in our white suits, locking together each metal and plastic section of the new bridge that connected to the space elevator terminus. It was as deceptively flimsy as a rope bridge, only instead of crossing a jungle ravine, it crossed space. 


I took a moment to look out at the work so far, leaning back against the safety netting, my boots secure against the strut I was working on. The bridge soared above me, the arc unfinished, its jagged ends waiting for the next segment. The structure was stark against the blackness of space, catching and reflecting the sunlight. I tapped the image capture button on the side of my helmet, snapping a picture. I’d send it to Alex when I went off shift.


Lovely Lilas
by Ephiny Gale

My Moon in Red
by L. Michelle Tago-Tu’itupou

Joe Fledge's Jump

by Patrice Sarath


We Fly
by Gerri Leen

Five Haikus
by Greg Fewer

The Terraformer of Bigotry
by Dawn Vogel


The ‘Shiny’ Animals

of Nature

by Nick D’Onofrio


Letter from the Editor
by Tristan Evarts
Other fiction in this issue:

Rope Ladder to the Moon by Andrew Darlington

The Fifth Stage by Erin Smith

They Shall Feed the Earth by J.B. Polk

Other poetry in this issue:

The Garden Trellis (A Cascade) by Dawn Vogel

Highway by Garrett Carroll

Nebulous Sunflowers by Garrett Carroll

Holography by Louis Girón

Finding a Planet Within the Rocks by M.C. Childs

Giants by Lynn White

Calling on Neighbors by M.C. Childs

Prodigal—A Villanelle by R.K. Rugg

The Bird that Flies Backwards by Andrew Darlington

Scaling by Louis Gallo

Science Learning Through Arts by Sukarma Rani Thareja

Other non-fiction in this issue:

Learning Ecologies by Randall Hayes