In contrast to growing dystopian stories and generally darker themes that seem so abundant in today's literature we are dedicated to publishing works which demonstrate a future that's worth believing in, that's worth fighting for.

We invite you to share in our vision of a better tomorrow, of a future filled with wonder. Send us those stories that transport us to another world,  a bright future, that have worlds once we enter we never want to leave even if we had the opportunity.

It is our belief that science fiction more than any other genre can help to shape our realization of the future. So why not shape it positively?

We pay our authors and will publish short stories, poetry, and science articles on a variety of subjects and in a variety of styles.

We are currently open to submissions.

Welcome to Utopia Science Fiction Magazine

Quality stories, interesting science, exquisite artwork and a future to believe in

Current Issue:

April/May 2020


Our Latest Issue has such an incredible line up of stories and poems as well as intriguing science trivia and artwork. From Mars to worlds unknown - Find wonder and hope again. Join us as we travel ever onward, onward through the impossible!

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