Current Issue:

June/July 2020


Our latest issue has such out of this world talent. Travel from Mars to Titan to the ends of the universe with these fantastic stories, poems  and artwork. Includes compelling science articles and science trivia. Join us as we travel ever onward, onward through the impossible!

Welcome to Utopia Science Fiction Magazine

Publishing upbeat stories, interesting science, exquisite artwork and a future to believe in

In contrast to growing dystopian stories and generally darker themes that seem so abundant in today's literature. We invite you instead to share in our vision of a better tomorrow. Of a future filled with wonder and hope.

What We Publish

We  publish stories that transport us to another world,  a bright future, that once we enter we never want to leave even if we had the opportunity.

We look for stories that have:

  • Captivating world-building

  • Character-rich, diverse settings

  • Well-written engaging plots that steer away from common tropes

  • Tension, conflict that leaps out of the page and grabs us

  • Hard science fiction, stories based in explained science

We pay our authors and will publish short stories, poetry, art and science articles on a variety of subjects and in a variety of styles.

We are currently open to submissions.

Visit our ARCHIVES for free samples of past editions!

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