by Avra Margariti

The future is knocking on my door, and I’m too heavy to welcome it inside.


We’re hurtling through space in a foreign vessel, our own ship, our home, gone gone gone. The patter of small feet echoes through the Spelkian starship’s metal belly. Muted voices linger: Itia and the rest of the children, speaking in a dialect I cannot always understand even without a door’s barrier between us. Already they’re forgetting our language and adapting to the Spelks’ with an alacrity only young children possess. I am the only tribe adult on board. Perhaps the only one left alive to preserve our language and tradition.


Yet I cannot talk to the children who come a-calling. [...]


Vesta for Beginners
by Holly Schofield
For Every Word My
Children Speak
by Avra Margariti
The Curious Case of the Cave Salamander
by Gwen Katz


Over the Moon
by Marie Vibbert
Thanks to Stanislav Petrov for Fairytales about Birds
by Elizabeth R. McClellan
Swarm of Drones
by Henry Herz


Problems with Artificial Gravity
by Scott Branchfield


Other fiction in this issue:
Kretzlauer Consequences by Leah Miller
Dana Wittington: Intergalactic Dental Hygienist by Jessica Andrewartha
Peach Girl by Toshiya Kamei
Other poetry in this issue:
STEM-Atom-Woman-Scientist by Sukarma Rani Thareja
Tall Misunderstandings by Juan Perez
Sitchen Quatrain by Juan Perez
Notice of the Coming Asteroid by Ken Poyner
Mother—Alma Mater Research Lab-Signature by Sukarma Rani Thareja
Gort’s Side of the Story by Marie Vibbert
Princess Cat Robot Space Pirate by Marie Vibbert
Cosmic Selkie by Tony Daly
Alkonost Cube by Tony Daly
Sunita Soars by Tony Daly
The Fall that Doesn’t Kill You by Deborah L. Davitt
New Planet Landscape by Ken Poyner
Other non-fiction in this issue:
Inter-Reality by Randall Hayes

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