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October/November 2022, Vol. IV Issue 02





Letter from the Editor by J.D. Harlock



Ariel Kroon


Short Stories

Five Sigma by Pauline Barmby

Volunteer II by Mike Morgan

Our Lady of the Thrice Blooming Fig Flower by Heather Truett

Selection Error by Claire Deming

Clairvoyage by Gideon Marcus



A Novel Species by Nora Weston

The Explorers Return Goran Lowie

Replica Fiona Perry

Machinery Is by Brian Hugenbruch

Sleep by Starlight by James Machell


Science Corner

White Holes by Keith 'Doc' Raymond

Positive Futures: Expanding Sensory Perception by Jean-Paul L. Garnier


The Vault

Sultana's Dream by Begum Rokeya


Contributing Authors

October/November 2022

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