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Quantum Entanglement

by David Flynn

If light split twice is a wave,
and once is a particle,
then you and I,
separated by a thousand miles,
are both wave and particle.
the halves of one photon,
split in opposite directions
and each coming to an end of the universe,
change if the other is changed.
I change if you change
because we are one,
and once united
we encompass changes.
As light modifies
if observed,
so my thoughts of you
modify us.
I think I miss you like crazy.
I think I would hold your body next to my body,
and feel heat and shape and weight,
and know that you and I are two but one.
In a participatory universe
the world is plastic.
We change planets with our love.



David Flynn’s literary publications total more than two hundred. His background includes
reporter for a daily newspaper, editor of a commercial magazine, and teacher. He currently lives in Nashville, TN.

Poetry by David Flynn:

"Quantum Entanglement" October 2020

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